About Us

Who We Are

antinews.in is india-based tech,trend and financial educational website to help the young generation in achieving a top level destination in their life.on antinews.in we provide real and true knowledge.

What Do We Do

we cover plenty of toppics such as how to make money,business ideas,technical toppics,computer education,digital education etc.also we cover current and trending toppics. we are very passionate about correct,fast and real time updates to our users.furthermore,we want our users to get some sort of knowledge from the website so they get motivated.and try to be well in their life

About Founder

Hii,,i am Ajay.founder of antinews.in.i started my blog to help people by sharing my four years of knowledge and experience in the field of tech and finance.I am a young finance and tech enthusiast with a passion for helping others in generating wealth and knowledge

What Is Our Goal

There are millions of websites created every day,also much fake content spread on internet.so our main goal is to provide 100% original and real content.which will fullfill the requirement of users.

What Is Our Service?

Antinews.in is that blog which provides information about technology,finance and trending toppics.we are not taking any kind of charges from our users,its totally free of coast.spreading new inventions in the socity is the our main service.

Admins Statement For Antinews.in

As per my point of view,there are much,more internet users in the world which visits the internet to get some information,but most of the time they get wrong and incomplete information,so first priority of our website is to provide 100% legit and accurate i

Thanks a lot

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